What's going on?

Grand Junction's Job Market Revving Up
New jobs for a new year? It could happen. Always at this time of year there are new openings, so let's see where we might get a job this year!
More Coloradans Leaving The State
More Coloradans are packing up and leaving the state than ever before, and the number of people moving in to Colorado is the lowest it's been in decades.
10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Ouray
Nestled in the San Juan Mountain range of southwestern Colorado lies the beautiful town of Ouray. People have been coming here for over a century for health, relaxation and more. Let's head to Ouray!
Gifts On The Cheap in Grand Junction
This year I won't be able to get the nice pricey gifts that one likes to give for Christmas, but I still want to have something to give, so here are five gift ideas you can feel free to use yourself.
Ice Castles Return To Colorado
Ice castles are currently under construction in the Colorado mountain town of Dillon, and soon you will be able to walk through an entirely different winter wonderland than you have before.
How Much Gold?
Did you know half of Colorado's gold came from Silverton? Learn this and more fun facts.
Bear vs Cat
This cat isn't ascared of anything!