I would like to have a little talk with whoever designed the street layout of Grand Junction. I believe that some of the streets and intersections must have been laid out based on a dare. Don't misunderstand. I love this city. But, driving in it? Not so much.

I'm curious what you think the worst intersection in town is. I have some nominees but feel free to add your own. Let's see who the contestants are.

1. 1st and Grand

Google Maps Street View

1st and Grand remind me of the multiple choice questions I used to hate in school. Do you go left, right, sorta left or straight? It's like Indiana Jones trying to choose the right grail in the Last Crusade movie. Choose wisely...or else.

2. Where Highway 6 and 50 Split

Google Maps Street View

I am convinced that the middle lane here is the most misused in Grand Junction. One of the hardest things to do is stay in the middle lane and not turn left. And, if you do plan to veer left, do you signal left and if you do, will the person behind you think you're going to the far left lane? I think I have a headache.

3. 7th and Main

Google Maps Street View

Grand Junction has one of the most beautiful downtown areas I've ever seen. It also has the one word that can strike fear into the hearts of anyone who hates decision making. The word is "roundabout". Navigating this area requires more than just good driving. You must also be an expert mind, reader. What is the person coming from the left thinking? Are they turning right or preparing to do donuts around the shrubs in the middle? You better decide fast!

4. Orchard and 28 Road

Google Maps Street View

Not once have I entered this interchange and ended up on the road I intended to be on. According to the Colorado Drivers handbook, I'm not allowed to stop in the middle of the road and stare then flip a coin. Unfortunate, cause this intersection would be the perfect place to do that.

5. Horizon Drive at 12th 

Google Maps Street View

If you've successfully navigated the downtown roundabouts and feel like it's time to increase your degree of difficulty, venture on up to Horizon Drive where it meets 12th Street. Welcome to the roundabout WITH TREES! Now, you must not only read the minds of other drivers who have stumbled across this intersection, but also keep your eyes open for squirrels that occasionally come out of the trees and chase each other around the roundabout!

Feel free to share your own "favorite" Grand Junction driving moments and areas. If you have pictures, even better!