Could you handle this kind of downsizing? A Grand Junction business lady is offering a housing option. 

The saying is 'go big', but in this case, the smaller may be better.

I have too much 'stuff.' Most of us have too much 'stuff.' So, what's the solution? How about really stripping it down to the bare bones of a home? Heck, I'm not sure you can even call it a home. A building, a structure, simply some pieces of wood strategically put together?

But, anyplace you lay your head is considered home. That's what a Grand Junction lady is trying to prove. She is offering houses that range from 250 to 400 square feet.

Believe it or not, it contains two bedrooms (sleeping lofts), living room, bathroom and full kitchen. Now, there's not much room left, but the point is to see if you can free yourself from all the material things we feel we need.

Claustrophobic need not apply.

One Grand Junction resident stated that with his wife and two small kids, it would be a challenge. While another responded by saying it is such a freeing experience and a possible life-changing experiment.