Having to be away from home can make you homesick and missing certain places. You can now get a 'Homesick Candle' that is reminiscent of the smells of your home state. There are even candles for certain cities like Los Angeles.

They say the smells are one of the biggest factors when it comes to memories and feeling safe. With a 'Homesick Candle' you can have the smells you miss with you anywhere. For Colorado, they offer Mountain Spruce and Ski Lodge. The scents of Texas includes a hint of leather, a bit of fresh cotton, and just a touch of sage. The New Jersey candle reminds you of the Garden State, with scents reminiscent of the Jersey shore.

If you are missing Wisconsin, they remind you of the smells of Kringle, Wisconsin cranberry, and winter air. Folks from Arizona enjoy with hints of desert sand and blue agave. There is a candle for just about everywhere in the United States.

So whether you are missing the mountain spruce, ski lodge, and open hay fields of Idaho, or the  rainforest, coral, pineapple, and sea salt smells of Hawaii, you can get it delivered to your home anywhere. Even if that place is as close as Utah, with the smells of desert air, mountain spruce, and ski lodge, you can take the smells of home anywhere.

Get your candles and more information from their website, and stop that feeling of homesickness soon.