Click it or ticket. The Colorado Department of Transportation means it.

Currently, the Colorado seat belt violation is a secondary offense. But, officials want to change it to a  primary offense.

A secondary offense means that police can ONLY issue a ticket to someone who is not buckled up if that person has been stopped for another type of offense or violation. If this change happens, police can pull you over and write a ticket simply for the seat belt violation.

The current fines for not buckling up are as follows:

  • Minimum $65.00 for adults
  • Minimum $82.00 for children

I have had a couple of harsh reminders to ALWAYS wear you seat belt. Colorado released dome pretty alarming statistics as well. In the past year, 170 out 337 vehicle fatalities were NOT wearing a seat belt. In Mesa County alone, 16 unbuckled deaths.

Arguments for the flip side of this issue state that this takes away their right to decide if they want to wear a seat belt or not. Ok, maybe their is some logic to that idea, but what are you trying to prove when you go flying through your windshield? Just my thoughts.

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