When the oldest brewery in the United States partnered with Molson Coors, Colorado was going to get a taste of Yuengling beer. I was excited about this news as I have had the beer before, but not in Colorado.

Yuengling and Molson Coors announced nearly three years ago that Yuengling would be expanding into Colorado and would be brewed at select Molson Coors breweries under the supervision of Yuengling brewers. The release in September 2020 said that the Centennial State would see Yuengling on the shelves in the second half of 2021.

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Fast forward to going into the second half of 2023 and there is still no Yuengling in Colorado. What happened to Yuengling coming to Colorado? I have tried to search for this specific beer brand for nearly two years now in the state and every time I go to the grocery or liquor store, I look for Yuengling. It's not here.

Did Yuengling Forget About Colorado?

Chances are that this is highly unlikely, but who knows? I was expecting to enjoy a Yuengling in Colorado in 2021 and two years seems like a really long time to put off distribution and brewing in a state that is known for its beer and beer drinkers.

Yuengling has made its debut in the state of Texas as of August 2021. Even states like Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri has Yuengling beer available as of February 2023. I am all for waiting a bit longer for Yuengling to be on the shelves and in bars in Colorado, but I cannot help but feel we have been left behind.

We can all understand that schedules can get pushed and things can get moved back. The one thing that makes me feel like Colorado has been forgotten is that there is no more news on the progress other than the announcement of Yuengling coming to Colorado three years ago and we are still waiting two years past the initial expected arrival date.

So if someone from Yuengling happens to read this, I ask you this question. When will Colorado finally see Yuengling in the state?

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