It's not brain surgery, heck it's barely even above remembering to breathe, but why can we not use the correct doors when we 'Enter' and 'Exit?' It's written right on the doors themselves, yet from what I saw yesterday, about four out of 10 people failed to follow this simple guideline. Here are three pet peeves of mine.

The reason they put these easy-to-follow directions so there aren't any traffic jams, and people move in and out seamlessly. BUT, every time I go places, I usually wind up face to face with a person headed in the wrong direction.

Then I have to stop and go around them. And if that's not enough, they seem to get upset at ME because they believe I am in their way!

I will admit, I have said Enter. Exit. It's written right on the doors', out loud as I pass by these people.

What are those things that push your buttons, stick in your craw and make you crazy. Comments.

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