Keyes can not win.

These doors read 'EXIT' or 'ENTER' for a reason. That is to simply keep people traffic flowing at a smooth rate. To prevent what happened to me yesterday. You won't believe it.

It happens so often, I sometimes swear I MUST be on some sort of hidden camera show. But, this story takes the cake.

After purchasing a few items at a Grand Junction store that has these 'enter' and 'exit' doors, I was on my way out through the appropriately and clearly marked EXIT doors. There were two people directly behind me and, sure enough, two people headed straight for us. IN through the EXIT doors. Oh boy, here we go.

What do I do? I make eye contact with one of them as we meet right at the EXIT door. This makes the chain stop, including everyone behind me. As we do that awkward left to right shuffle, I roll my eyes and say out loud 'Really?'

What I was reciprocated with was not an apology. Not an 'oops, my bad.'

It was a 'F - YOU!'

I was told to go do something, which by the way is TOTALLY impossible, by someone who was not following proper procedure and causing a huge congestion at the door. Which, if you remember was the whole freaking point of the ENTER and EXIT signs!

What do you do at that point? It gnawed at me the whole day and night.

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