These are some of your favorite and secret hiding places. Well, maybe not so secret anymore.

To get those great holiday deals, you have to start shopping earlier and earlier every year. So, where do you put those gifts under they are opened? Without being found.

The 10 best places to stash that booty until Christmas day.

  • If you travel a lot you may have an RV or a camper or even a tow behind. Those are great places. Especially if you are the only one who knows where they keys are!
  • Behind the panel inside of a closet. Might take a little McGyver effort for this, but it seems like a safe place.
  • One mom hides them in the same cabinet with household cleaners. Kids no it's off-limits and the husband NEVER goes near it.
  • A false floor. This one borders on evil. Create a fake bottom to a drawer.
  • In with your 'feminie care products.' No man on Earth will go near there.
  • If you have seasonal storage containers for Halloween and Easter dedorations, try that.
  • All sorts of trunks. Either vehicle trunks or the old fashioned kind. With a lock.
  • Right in front of their faces. One lady swears that she puts them in the very front closet where everyone hangs their coats and puts their shoes. Just too obvious to even think that.
  • Layaway. This one is the most sensible and practical. No one is going to find them when they are still at the store.

Just some thoughts this holiday season.

Have any secret hiding places that work for you. You can remain anynomous.







large front door entryway closet