Since I just moved to Colorado recently, all of my Christmas presents have to be something Colorado-esque. These ten Christmas gifts are so very Colorado because -- they're shaped like Colorado.

Sources: GH and 98.7

  • 1

    Box of Wine

    You can actually give someone a box of wine for Christmas because it's shaped like Colorado. A round of Slap the Bag, anyone?

  • 2

    Cutting Board

    You could customize the Colorado shaped cutting board with their name or a funny slogan like "stop the hanger."

  • 4

    Picture Frame

    Get you a picture frame shaped like Colorado and put your face in it! Or a picture of the two of you, or your furbaby.

  • 3


    A PlayStation is definitely Colorado-shaped and is something you could enjoy too. It's all fun and games, literally.

  • 5

    Box of Edibles

    This is truly a very Colorado-esque gift. Not only is the box shaped like Colorado, so are the weed edibles themselves. (Maybe not but I'd say weed is pretty Colorado-esque.)

  • 6


    A wallet is usually something I'd never splurge on but always need. Get them a wallet shaped like Colorado and hopefully, lots of prosperity and good fortune will head their way.

  • 7

    Cornhole Set

    You could gift a mini or regular size cornhole set, both of which are in the shape of Colorado.

  • 8

    Portable Speaker

    Give the gift of sweet jams with a portable speaker -- that just so happens to be in the shape of Colorado.

  • 9


    Any Colorado-shaped pillow will do, the design is completely up to you. I'd like to gift my boyfriend a pillow of my face, that way he knows I'm always around.

  • 10


    A rechargeable external battery just so happens to be extremely convenient -- and in the shape of Colorado.

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