We have all jumped into our vehicle on a hot summer day, and immediately you feel the extreme heat that was trapped inside. It happens everywhere but you really need to be careful when this happens not only could you burn yourself on the seat (hot leather seats are unforgiving), but you also need to be careful with what you leave in your car.

You might not realize but leaving a plastic water bottle in your vehicle can be dangerous. I realize that it might sound silly, but it's true. Today, for example, we will have temperatures into the 80s, but the interior of our vehicles will drastically increase after just a few minutes of being in the sunshine.

The water left in the water bottle in the car actually works as a lens to refract sunlight to one spot, that's essentially how a fire could get started. With one specific location in your car getting all the direct heat, that would cause the carpet on your floorboard or on your seat to start smoking and catch on fire. Check out the video as explained by firefighters who have seen this happen for themselves.

It's been drilled into our heads to never forget a child or a pet in a hot vehicle, it's time to remember to get rid disposable water bottles too. Most reusable water bottles are made with a thicker material making less likely to cause a fire inside of your vehicle. But it might be a good idea to keep all water bottles out of your car from now on.

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