Are you suffering from a hang-over or maybe you are an athlete you just ran 16 miles and you need some replenishment. Now you will be able to get a Fluid IV at the new Fluid IV lounge in Longmont on Terry Street. The Fluid IV Lounge is a new intravenous hydration therapy provider where you will be able to replace those electrolytes lost and feel hopefully rejuvenated.

The Fluid IV Lounge opened at Longmont's Terry Street Collective over the weekend.
IV therapy is trending across the nation providing people with an intravenous dose of vitamins and minerals. The IV is intended to help with mood enhancement, performance and faster recovery from workouts. If you are thinking about getting a fluid IV you might want to check out, The Fluid IV Lounge, 610 Terry Street in Longmont, CO.

I suppose if I was feeling really drained I might try it. In fact, I might try it and see what it feels like and if I feel more energetic.  But then I wonder if I would become dependent on it. Have you ever had a Fluid IV just for the sake of feeling better?

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