You can help battle suicide in Mesa County with everyone. Suicide rates in Mesa County are higher than the state average and is three time the national average. Along with the Mesa County Health and Human Services Department, we can all get together and promote life.

So how can everyone get involved to help battle suicide in Mesa County? By making sure we all get together to promote life. The Mesa County Health and Human Services Department is asking you to get involved and find out ways you can #promotelife.

You can do little things to help promote life. Buy coffee for someone at the coffee shop and pay it forward for those behind you. Offer to buy lunch for a homeless person. Help someone that is having trouble getting around. Let someone have that close parking space with a smile and a wave. Say hello to someone you pass by on the street. Make that phone call to an old friend. Just be there to listen when someone has a problem.

There were 37 suicides in 2015 right here in Mesa County. The people involved ranged from just 15 years old to 88 years old. Those were only the ones that were able to complete the act of taking their own life. Everyone can do these little things and make a big difference in someone's life.

How do I know about depression? I suffer from it everyday, and if not for the people around me, I might have been one of those that lost the battle. Please help #promotelife everyday.


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