Who knows your neighborhood the best? Why you do, of course. There is a new global open source project looking for people like you to help let others know where everything is in your town, city or county.

The Mesa County Central Library is offering free information sessions so that you can learn about OpenStreetMap and how you can use it. The Mesa County Libraries information session will be held at 10 a.m. this Saturday, December 3, 2016, at the Central Library, in Grand Junction. You will learn how to create an OpenSourceMap account and learn about the tools used to continue mapping on your own.

The map can be found at OpenStreetMap.org. It is an online, open-source map of the world that lets anyone add information about the places they know best. You can add information about businesses, parks, churches, schools and more.

If you have your own laptop computer, please bring it with you. There will be a limited number of computers at the library, but if you bring your own, you get to take all the tools and links with you after the class. Because of the limit space and laptops, Registration is encouraged. You can visit the Events Calendar to sign up online, or call 970-243-4442.