It doesn't matter how many of these Grand Junction already has, you're still going to buy more. This is what Grand Junction buys what too much of.

You might have a cabinet or closet full of this already but it doesn't stop you from buying more. For me, makeup and pet toys are the first thing to come to mind. I know I definitely don't need any more toys for my pets, but I am definitely still going to buy more anyway.

Grand Junction says they have way too much of this, but they keeping buying it anyway:

Makeup, Clothes + Shoes

These were by far the most popular answers. I personally think you can't have too much makeup, ever. There's a lot of different shades and degrees of sparkliness when it comes to makeup -- just sayin'. Purses and socks are also on this list because it's a great feeling having a new purse or a cool new pair of socks.

Bills + Toilet paper

This was Grand Junction's next most popular answer -- bills and toilet paper. Toilet paper is something you always use, so I'm not really sure if it's even possible to have too much of. And those bills, for some odd reason, just keep coming.

Some other things Grand Junction can't stop buying are:

  • Watches
  • Hoodies + band t-shirts
  • Musical instruments
  • CDs
  • Watches
  • Hats
  • Glass containers
  • Pajamas
  • Slippers
  • Tortillas and cinnamon

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