I've learned that we have something in common with moose. When faced with a delicate icy surface, we both understand you have to tread carefully as a new video share shows one of these massive animals navigating an icy creek in Yellowstone.

A Yellowstone Life shared this brief but somewhat intense moment in Yellowstone a couple of days ago. It's a moose navigating across Soda Butte Creek which is in the extreme northern part of the park.

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Thousands upon thousands of followers on their Facebook page were holding their breath as this large animal slowly made her way across Soda Butte Creek which fortunately was solidly frozen over. It doesn't always go that way.

It's not unusual to see bears fresh out of hibernation come spring find bison and moose that have fallen in rivers that gave way late in winter.

It's another example of nature being nature in Yellowstone National Park which can provide some special moments, especially during the winter as animals deal with the conditions without tourists with cameras chasing them.

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