Would you take a one way trip to Mars? The idea may sound absurd, but there is a plan  underway to send a manned mission in 2024 to the big red planet that won't be returning to Earth.

Who in their right mind would take such a trip, leaving behind  family, friends, and a flushable toilet? Apparently, there is no shortage of interested participants with the "short" list having been narrowed down from 200,000 to 1000.

Space experience is not required. What is necessary is an "indomitable spirit",  "good judgement" and a "good sense of play". Additionally, space traveler wanna-be's must be drug and disease free, and speak English.

Besides the tremendous risk involved, I can't believe that anyone who has family would consider such an expedition. Imagine saying goodbye to your loved ones for the final time. To them, it would be like you were dying because they would never see you again.

But, beyond that, let's think about some of life's simplicities we would have to live without. Here is a list of 10 things I would miss.

1)Sleeping in a king-size bed with nice, soft fluffy pillows
2) Walking up the #9 fairway at Tiara Rado after hitting a monster drive
3) Driving to Dairy Queen to enjoy a delicious Pecan Mudslide
4) Watching re-runs of Gilligan's Island from the comfort of my blue recliner
5) Enjoying a piping hot pepperoni and sausage pizza with extra cheese
6) Driving across the snow-capped Rocky Mountains listening to Chicago
7)Holding hands with my wife and hearing the sound of her laughter
8) Watching the Broncos week after week in hopes of a Super Bowl appearance
9) Sitting on a sandy beach  listening to the waves crash against the shore
10) Watching golf videos on my smart phone

While I have always been captivated by space travel and astronomy, this is one vacation I'm going to have to pass on. I like life on planet Earth. Would you take the trip?

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