Welcome to Paradise... or, Mars. NASA's InSight has reached Mars with a little help from Colorado, and Green Day. Really. 

According to CBS4, Lockheed Martin in Centennial, Colorado, is where InSight was assembled over the course of several years (an $800 million project). On Monday, InSight arrived at its destination — the 'Red Planet.' While it could be possible in the future, no humans were on the spacecraft, but there was a little bit of the punk rock band Green Day...

Somehow, a chip on the craft was etched with 'Green Day since 1986,' as the band shared on their Twitter below. Billboard reports there is no comment from the band or NASA about why that chip was there, but there were plenty of great comments from the Twitterverse; Thirty Seconds to Mars, extraterrestrial enthusiast Tom Delonge of Blink-182 and 'Billie Joe Armstrong was the first to walk on the moon' jokes all included. (Close, that was Neil.)

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