The biggest sports complex ever is going to built right here in Colorado. 

The Rocky Mountain Sports Park is still in the planning stages, But, what a plan it is. Roughly three miles north of Windsor, Colo., this world-record setting structure has a price tag of about $225 million. Here is what will be included:

Rocky Mountain Sports Park
Rocky Mountain Sports Park
  • 10,000 person capacity baseball stadium
  • Five high school and/or college fields
  • Ten youth fields
  • Four T-ball fields
  • 16 tournament baseball fields
  • 16 tournament softball fields
  • 12 multi-use fields

Not only that, but the facility will have 207 acres ready for businesses and other economic development.

Overall, the Rocky Mountain Sports Park will take up over 400 acres of land. A spokesperson for the park stated that they are looking at bringing in in excess of 100,000 people annually and that the facility will potentially employee thousands of people.

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