When the time comes for a person to retire, they sometimes choose to move to a more relaxing place, where they can take full advantage of doing things they enjoy. Snowbirds, for example, pack up and head south for the winter, where they can escape the cold, hit the links, and soak up the sun. And while Florida has always been one of the most popular places for retirees to settle down during their golden years, several other states, including Colorado, are also becoming top choice destinations.

Looking at categories such as median home prices, weather, proximity to amenities, and crime rate, a recent study done by CNBC ranked the top spots for retirees, that are all in or near major U.S. cities. All of the places that made the list offer the biggest bang for a buck, without being too far from downtown. As it turns out, good old Windsor, Colorado came in at #2 on the rankings, and is said to be a place where retirees can enjoy the benefits of living near a major city, but don't have to worry about sacrificing their hard-earned savings. CNBC noted that Windsor is just 59 miles north of Denver, and has a neighborhood median listing price of $224,900 (although the city's median listing is $465,000).

Other optimal destinations to make the top ten were several towns in Florida and Texas, and number one was surprisingly in the Bronx. You can read the full rankings here.

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