In what looked like a scene out of every classic slapstick movie ever made, the World Custard Pie Throwing Championship took place this past weekend.

The event, held in Britain (where there's another odd competition), drew 17 teams from the home country, while one squad from Japan trekked in for the occasion. Home-field advantage was non-existent as the Japanese squad took the title.

The rules are pretty easy to digest:

...Every team is made up of four people wearing fancy dress. The teams stand next to a table and throw the pies at their opponents eight feet away. A direct hit in the face brings six points, a hit on the chest five points, a hit on the arms brings three points, while three misses results in points being deducted.

The contest has a history that's richer than the taste of any of the pies that were tossed. It's been held since 1967. And if it's not sponsored by a local dry cleaners, then something is wrong. If a local one can get the stains out, it's missing out on a golden opportunity to get some good publicity.

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