The Single Action Shooting Society Colorado State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship is coming to Grand Junction June 6th through the 8th, hosted by the Thunder Mountain Shootists!

I know your asking yourself, what kind of event would you need a rolling gun case like this for?! Well let me invite you to a FREE family friendly event that your kids will love! But make sure you bring their hearing protection and join us at the William Jarvis Shooting Complex located at 3220 Reeder Mesa Road in Whitewater!


If you've never heard of this group let me give you some background: Over the last 12 years members of TMS have built the Cowboy Range from the ground up, creating an old western town that includes places like a Livery, Miss Lulu’s, Shinin Bars Saloon and their very own Boot Hill! And there are bad guys aplenty in the form of targets.


Granny's got guns

The part I like best about the Single Action Shooting Society and approved Cowboy Action Shooting™ is that participants ranging in age from 12 to 72 are required to wear authentic costuming! Meaning every guy and gal shooting is required to:

  1. Adopt a shooting alias based on a real or fictional late 19th century character
  2. Dress appropriately.
  3. Use old west firearms in the competition like single actions revolvers, old time shotguns and pistol caliber lever action rifles.
  4. And Instead of just shooting at targets, competitors are timed as they move about the course reenacting an Old West scenario!

Hope to see you there!

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