A Colorado Springs grandmother tried to save a puppy from a coyote that had grabbed the pup from the yard and left with it.

Robin Kraft had left her dog Hope and two puppies Bandit and Grinder out into the fenced back yard for a few minutes and when she let them in Bandit was missing.

Knowing the puppy wouldn't leave without its littermate, she went out to look for it and spotted it just off the Skyline trailhead, near where she lives. As she approached she could see the pup and began yelling and screaming to get the coyote away from the pup. But it wasn't until she began beating the coyote with her prosthetic leg that the animal moved away, but not far as it kept returning to try to get at the pup.

Bandit did not survive the attack from the coyote who may have just been trying to find food for its family.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife have a web page titled "How to live with coyotes"  and suggest not leaving pets or trash outside, especially in May and June when coyotes normally give birth.

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