Will Colorado's San Juan Mountains receive the most snow they've seen all season? It could happen. The National Weather Service predicts the region will receive the largest snow totals from a single storm so far this winter.
According to the Durango Herald, the National Weather Service in Grand Junction issued a winter storm warning earlier today. The warning takes effect today (Tuesday, February 5) at 5 p.m. The storm warning will remain in effect through 5 a.m. Thursday.
So, how much snow can the San Juan Mountains expect? Would you believe 24 inches? That prediction would represent the higher end of possible snow accumulation.
What comes with the potential of 24 inches of snow? You guessed it, an avalanche watch. If snow accumulation reaches what is predicted, an avalanche watch will take effect for the San Juans.
Sow, looking at the next 36 hours, what's in store for the region? Put simply:
  • High winds reaching up to 50 MPH
  • Difficult travel
  • Low visibility
  • Snowpacked roads
  • Avalanche danger
After a lousy winter 2017-2018, it appears this part of Colorado may see some legitimate winter weather. Be prepared.

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