Playing outside in the winter is for kids, right?


If you're anything like me, you're probably not a winter hiker. I prefer warm, dry conditions to hike in, but I have to admit once I actually went out in the winter to hike, I really enjoyed it. Hiking in winter lets you see wildlife prints all over the place that you most likely wouldn't have seen in spring or summer.

So where around here are the best hikes to take in winter?

Depending on how you like to get out in the snow, there are a number of places to go in Western Colorado. Snowshoeing, cross country skiing and hiking are the order of the day.

Grand Mesa

There are many different places along the Grand Mesa to enjoy winter hikes. Driving along the Mesa, you will spot a place for you to get out of the car and get busy checking out all of the life you don't get to see usually. Get to the top and look down into the snow-covered valley. Looking for an awe-inspiring Christmas card picture for next year? This is that place. And don't forget to check out the areas Powderhorn has for skiing, cross country skiing and more.

The Colorado Trail

483 miles of trails from Denver to Durango, you definitely have choices. What do you enjoy doing in the snow? Six wilderness areas and 8 mountain ranges give you plenty of options. Get the crew together and have fun.

Glenwood Canyon

This is a great hike no matter what time of year, but in winter, you can watch the wildlife spring up all around you, check out the prints left in the snow and actually walk the entire canyon if you feel up to it.

Riverfront Trail

The Riverfront Trail leads you to some fun places while checking out birds and smaller wildlife. And since there aren't a lot of elevated trails, you won't have to worry much about sliding your way back to the beginning.

Have fun and stay warm and dry.

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