When someone comes into a good chunk of money, it's always nice to see some of that cash go toward a good cause.

Right now we have your chance to win up to $30,000 and because of this, I became curious as to what kind of charitable donations Grand Junction residents would make with the money if they won it, so I posted a question on Facebook asking just that, and here's what you said.

Grand Junction Would Donate Winnings to these Charities

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There are countless charities that do great work all over the world. Some of them are locally based, some are more widespread, but for every good cause, it seems like there is at least one charity that specializes in it.

Many of these charities were mentioned by Grand Junction residents in a scenario that if they were given $30,000 to donate to a good cause, these are the charities they would choose to donate to.

Some of the charities mentioned specialize in helping animals including FIP Warriors which helps cats with a specific illness, as well as animal sanctuaries and shelters in general.

Other charities mentioned are specific to battling homelessness which includes Homeward Bound, while others are specific to helping our veterans like Fisher House and Wounded Warriors.

Many children's charities were mentioned such as Colorado Children's Hospital and St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, as well as other charitable organizations such as TWLOHA, Planned Parenthood, Catholic Outreach, and the Epilepsy Foundation.

It should also be noted that one particular charity was mentioned with a bit of jest, The Human Fund, which was created for a hilarious episode of Seinfeld.

Take a look at some of the charities that Grand Junction residents would donate to if they had an extra $30,000 to put toward a good cause:

Win Cash: Charities to which Grand Junction Would Donate $30k

According to you, these are the charities you’d donate to if you were to win $30,000.

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