So many people have a difference of opinion when it comes to answering one question. When is it an okay time to start mowing your lawn in the morning?

While I understand a lot of your answer has to do with your habits and routine, you could also ask yourself, when would you like to hear your neighbors start their mower? Because we don't want to be awake too early on the weekends but we understand our neighbors have to knock out their chores too.

This question especially comes into play when the temperatures are into the 100s all week long like expected this week. If you heard your neighbor start their lawnmower at 6:30 a.m. would that be too early for you, or your kids?

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As mentioned above there were opinions all over the place to this question, and as expected some answers have some sarcasm. But here are the results when asking Grand Junction citizens when it's okay to start mowing their lawn in the morning.

When to Start Mowing You Lawn in the Morning According to Grand Junction Residents

Everyone has a difference of opinion on when it's appropriate to start mowing your lawn in the morning. Here are some of the wide varieties of answers we got from Grand Junction citizens.

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