Colorado Parks & Wildlife invite you to join them for their brand new podcast, Colorado Outdoors.

The premiere episode shared on October 22, 2020, features Director Dan Prenzlow with a state of the union sort of address on the great outdoors in Colorado. The podcast covered a wide range of topics including restoring wildlife species to bear conflicts and management.

Take a listen to the podcasts debut. If you want to cut to a particular topic, here's a breakdown of the show:

  • 2:57 - background on Dan Prenzlow and how he became Director of CPW
  • 7:37 - talking about conservation - the “wise use” of our natural resources
  • 8:42 - wildlife that we manage and restoring wildlife species
  • 14:45 - balance between conservation and outdoor recreation
  • 21:37 - the outdoors have been an outlet during COVID
  • 24:47 - fishing and hunting license sales are up
  • 26:20 - a hunting story on how it took him 20 years to draw a mountain goat license
  • 30:10 - why it is so important that people do not feed or domesticate wildlife
  • 32:03 - bear conflicts and management
  • 34:06 - Fishers Peak State Park opening

Why would you want to set aside your valuable time to listen to this podcast? Between you and me, I've only recently caught on to the whole craze. According to, these are seven reasons you should listen to podcasts.

  • Multitasking makes work easier - you can listen on the go
  • Cut down on screen time - podcasts are an entertaining alternative to visual media
  • Podcast listeners are successful - the largest audience for podcasts are educated, wealthy adults
  • Learn unique topics directly from experts - the common man can communicate with the masses without the use of mainstream media
  • Avoid the bias of mainstream media - your information is coming from the three big networks
  • Support small business - millennials care about social responsibly in business
  • Keep storytelling alive - podcasting is the renewal of the dying form of verbal storytelling

If you have 40 minutes to spare, please check out the Colorado Parks and Wildlife podcast. You can have it on in the background while you take care of chores, work, or running errands. This is a fantastic way to stay up to speed with our Colorado outdoors while listening at your convenience.

Spotted: Bighorn Sheep on the Colorado National Monument

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