Have you used the app Instacart yet? It is available in Grand Junction you download the app and select the foods you want to order. This is great especially in the winter time when you can't get out, or the roads might be hazardous.

I have never shopped online for food, but I am willing to try something new to save on time. Instacart just became available in Summit County where some of those towns have less than a hundred people it would make it very convenient to do shopping online.

The service I think is relatively inexpensive just $5.99 flat service for orders over $35.00. After the initial trial period, you can pay 14.99 per month or 149.00 per year.

Instacart works in the same way as Uber and Lyft where they use individuals with their own cars to do the shopping. One of the top selling points is same day delivery and sometimes within the hour.

Summit County has just been added to the list for Instacart shopping.

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