A popular Clifton restaurant will be closing soon. What's happening? Don't worry, it's only temporary.

You'll see a sign hanging in the window at the Denny's at 3205 I-70 Business Loop in Clifton. The sign states the restaurant will be closing on September 30. If you read a little deeper, you learn it's only temporary.

It seems they are due for a remodel. The restaurant will close at 3 p.m. on Sunday, September 30. They will remain closed for six days.

Denny's remodel sign sept 2018
Waylon Jordan

Personally, I stopped by this Denny's location following my last Mt. Garfield hike. In my honest, albeit uninformed, opinion, the place looks fine. It's clean, modern, and well organized. Who knows? Maybe remodels such as this are mandated by the parent corporation.

This will affect a large number of people. This location is open 24/7. Every time I go in there the place is booming. Considering I typically fly solo, most trips involve sitting at the counter. You can typically expect to see the exact same people at the counter every day. Judging by the reviews on their official site, this is a popular, and well-run establishment.

The good news is they will only be closed for six days. That's a lot of "Eggs Over My Hammy" which won't be served. It seems I'll have to find another restaurant for the encore to my next hike. It will be hard, but I'll manage.

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