More than 800 different kinds of insects can be found in Colorado. From creepy crawly spiders and slimy worms to intricate caterpillars, beautiful butterflies, and even those annoying gnats, the list of bugs living in the Centennial State is swarming with variety.

But this summer, a more tremendous amount of grasshoppers than usual have invaded the state. In fact, in Routt County, it's predicted that there will be 15-plus grasshoppers per square yard this summer.

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Kelsey Nistel, TSM/ Canva
Kelsey Nistel, TSM/ Canva

These little green and brown bugs are everywhere this season! In our yards and gardens, on the streets and sidewalks, even sneaking into our homes or landing right on top of us - it feels like grasshoppers are taking over in certain areas of Colorado.

Residents of Denver and surrounding cities have especially noticed an influx of these specific insects this summer. However, entomology experts predicted this would likely be the case this year in the Centennial State.

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The effects of global warming are the main reason why more grasshoppers are coming to Colorado. For example, the prolonged winters, snow, and cold weather in general, actually help to protect grasshoppers' eggs, meaning more end up surviving in the long run.

Bart Sokol/Unsplash
Bart Sokol/Unsplash

According to Fox31 Denver, soil erosion and lack of vegetation are some of the other reasons why more grasshoppers are making their way to places like Colorado and surrounding states like Nevada and Utah.

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The downside to having gazillions of grasshoppers in Colorado is that they can cause severe damage to crops and gardens. While they will eventually die off in the winter, the increased grasshopper population can cause major disruptions for ranchers during the summertime.

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