Have you seen the construction on the southwest corner of 29 Road and North Avenue? It looks like Wally World is getting new neighbors. Who's moving in?

Construction is moving right along on this one. It seems Grand Junctionites can make a run for the border with a new Taco Bell.

Take a look at the photo above. Is it just me, or does this look like an unusually large building for a Taco Bell? Maybe it's a Mega Taco Bell. The lot is definitely huge. I don't recall most Taco Bells having this much parking.

While Taco Bell is certainly a lucrative business, this seems like a prime piece of real estate for a fast food joint. Given the size of the lot, and its location right on the corner, one can't help but think the owners paid a premium price for the land. Oh well, not my concern.

Do you recall when the Taco Bell at the Mesa Mall was under construction? People came from all around to look at the thing. No one had ever heard of a Taco Bell that big. It even had a drive-thru. Back in those days, Taco Bells were teeny little things with four or five tables at best.

Taco Bell North Avenue 29 Road Grand Junction
Waylon Jordan

Are you in need of a gig? It appears they are hiring. This will no doubt be a "happening" location. The sign says you can apply at www.colcal.net.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Taco Bell. Walmart shoppers are no longer limited to the McDonald's located inside the store. They can now think outside the bun, and make the short trek next door.

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