There are a number of graves located on Gunny Loop on Little Park Road in Grand Junction. Before you become alarmed, they are obviously pet graves. Who buried their pets there?

The graves, or at least most of them, have been there for some time. Back in the late 80's, there were at least three graves. At present, there is a total of eight, and possibly even more in the surrounding area. The graves are located a considerable distance from the road, so someone made a sincere effort to bury them there.

It is not by any accident the graves were placed in their chosen location. The site offers a very scenic view of the valley.

Dog Graves on Gunny Loop on Little Park Road in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Waylon Jordan

It seems reasonable to assume the animals were buried there because they and their human companions must have hiked these trails at one time. Some very caring, not to mention sentimental person, went to a considerable amount effort to lay their animals to rest in this particular location.

At one time, there was a tree nearby with the names of several pets etched into it. The tree is no longer to be found.

Special thanks to Dr. Paul Wueben who brought back this memory and laid out flags marking the location.

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