If you had to pick who you trust more, would it be your best friend, or your spouse? It's Grand Junction's call -- this is who Grand Junction trusts more.

After hearing Bob and Sheri talk about this the other morning, I wanted to see how Grand Junction feels about it. I asked you 'who do you trust more, your best friend or your spouse?' on our Facebook and Instagram. This is who Grand Junction trusts more.

  • Less than 29% of Grand Junction trusts their best friend over their husband
  • Over 70% of Grand Junction trusts their spouse over their best friend

Now I think this is a no-brainer. Your spouse is someone you spend the rest of your life with. Based on my experience, best friends, they can come and go. If you've got a lifelong relationship with someone (your spouse) you better be able to trust them with your life.

I would say I trust my partner over my best friend with no hesitation. I know that I've got my man's back and he's got mine -- for life.

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