Interesting and funny question brought up by a Facebook friend of mine the other day.

Think about this long and hard. You've been kidnapped. You can call on the characters from one TV show to make a rescue attempt. Which show do you pick?

Riley - My first thought was 'Friends'. And then I realized comedy wouldn't save me. With more thought, I decided on 'Fringe'. This series could be compared to the 'X Files'. Detectives solving the strangest cases. They could get me out of anything.

Keyes - At first I went to 'Seinfeld', but try and imagine George and Kramer in a dangerous situation. No good would come of that. I would be toast. Next thought was why not try and combine jokes and at least some medical or military training. Hence, I went with 'MASH.' For me, the sitcom of all sitcoms, well at least the first 4-5 seasons, after that the writing seemed to fade.

Wait, what? Am I seriously think about the cast of a sitcom to come and rescue me? Why was my first thought NOT 'The A Team', or 'Law & Order!'

What TV cast would you like to see make a rescue attempt if you were ever kidnapped?

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