Eric Church has released a limited edition signature Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey, and everybody wants it. The problem is it's almost impossible to get your hands on. I've done the dirty work for you and tracked down a few bottles in Grand Junction. Here's where you can find it.

Finding a needle in a haystack would be child's play compared to this endeavor. I've been searching all over Western Colorado for two months trying to find this stuff. Finally, after searching high and low, I've uncovered the hidden locations of a few bottles.

Earlier this year, I received a press release from Eric Church's people stating he and Jack Daniel's had joined forces to present a limited run whiskey selection. At that time, according to the release, the beverage would be available at locations coinciding with Church's tour. Well, 2020 did its thing, and concert tours came to a screeching halt.

What's unique about this selection? What distinguishes it from any other Jack Daniel's whiskey? According to

Eric Church’s Single Barrel Select edition is hand-selected by Master Distiller Jeff Arnett for a one-of-a-kind whiskey based on Eric’s taste. With muted notes of vanilla and caramel with lingering toasted oak on the finish, it’s not one to be missed.

I'll buy that. I'm a huge Eric Church fan, and something of a Jack Daniel's connoisseur, so I'm curious. Sadly, my quest to acquire a bottle of this product hit a major roadblock. I give you my word, when I first received that press release, it clearly stated the Eric Church/Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whiskey would retail for around $51. You have my solemn word that is what the press release said.

I began calling every store in town, hoping to find this product. No one had it. That prompted a search online. Stores online had it, and they knew what they had. Online retailers were asking between $190 and $250 a bottle. On that note, I felt it wise to stick with my $5.49 per bottle wine.

Fast forward to October 2020. There I was, minding my own business while buying a $5 bottle of wine at Grand Junction's Andy's Liquor, when suddenly I spotted a bottle of Eric Church Jack Daniel's Single Barrel in the display case. Next to it, a price tag of $119. With this new info, I embarked on a journey to track down any bottles which might exist somewhere in the valley.

The following locations have, or at least had, a bottle of Eric Church Single Barrel Select Jack Daniel's.

  • Clifton Liquor - $120.00
  • Coronado Liquor - $113.69
  • Fisher's Liquor Barn - received one bottle, but now sold out
  • Redlands Liquor - $128.99

There you have it. That's every bottle I could track down in the Grand Valley. That is not to say my list contains every available bottle in town. These are simply those I've tracked down. Most stores are actively trying to acquire some. Every store I spoke to said the same thing - they've been trying to get their hands on a bottle for over a month.

For the record, this is not a commercial. Neither Jack Daniels nor any of the area liquor stores are involved in my quest.

If you're an Eric Church fan, you might be interested in acquiring a bottle of this stuff. No matter how you look at it, this won't be an easy task. Since I obviously haven't even tasted this selection, it's difficult to say if it's any good. Regardless, I'm strangely motivated to find a bottle. If you're interested, and if you have more money than me (which most people do), the locations listed above can help you out.

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