Today (January 24th) is a great day for everyone to eat birthday cake. Specifically, birthday cake because my amazing, kind, generous, beautiful wife, Savannah is celebrating her birthday.

We met back in radio class as we were both attending college. She was late to show up (not shocking), and she later told me that she was in the hallway debating whether she was actually going to attend the first day of class because she was already late. I'm so excited that she walked into that classroom and into my life. At that time I was doing the morning show for the college radio station and I told her that she should intern for the show (mostly because I thought she was gorgeous).

Eventually, things didn't work out with her as an intern on the show but we did start spending time together away from the radio station and I am so glad that we did.

My life is better every single day because she is apart of it. I could never imagine a day with her, not by my side.

Savannah is so giving and always willing to help others. She lives life to the fullest and reminds me to not be so cheap all the time. We have done so many fun things and go on so many exciting adventures and I cannot wait to spend every day of the rest of my life with this beautiful woman.

But today we celebrate with a big piece of birthday cake! Happy Birthday, Savannah! Thank you for being you.

Lastly, I have the gift part figured out. Any suggestions on where I should take my lovely bride to dinner on her birthday?

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