Would you like your fortune told? Perhaps Zoltar can lend a hand. Where in Grand Junction will you find this animatronic fortune telling machine?

The staff at the studio gathered for a super-secret classified meeting earlier today. Okay, not really. We gathered for lunch and a game of cards. In addition to great sandwiches, our lunch/meeting destination featured a Zoltar machine.

First off, what is this machine, and what is its significance? Did you see the movie "Big" starring Tom Hanks? That was a Zoltar machine. Believe it or not, these things are still being manufactured. There are several models available for purchase.

A Grand Junction eatery is home to one Zoltar machine. Is it worth trying out? That's entirely up to you. I thought it was awesome just for the sake of nostalgia.

This particular machine is located at Grand Junction's 7th Street Deli. Not only do they have a Zoltar machine, but they also have the deluxe model. It appears the manufacturer offers four different Zoltar machines to choose from.

Waylon Jordan

Personally, I thought this was cool. For all I know, there may be Zoltar machines located all over the valley. There could be one in every other store. However likely that may or may not be, I don't seem to recall seeing one around town.

Go get your fortune read. Couldn't hurt. Zoltar knows all. Get a sandwich while you're at it.

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