This quiet little fishing spot is every bit as peaceful as it looks. What's more, it's in Grand Junction. No need to make a long drive out of the valley. Where will you find it?

It's only been recently I've seen people fishing in this area. I've walked the trails around this location hundreds of times over the last six years and don't recall ever seeing people fishing. As of late, every walk in this area includes two or three people trying to catch the big one. Don't worry, there's plenty of lake and waterway for everyone. The area is by no means crowded.

The pictures above were taken at Duke Lake and Connected Lake. To get there, just head out Broadway like you're heading to the Redlands, and when you come up on the Albertson's shopping plaza, turn on Dike Road. Stay on Dike Road until you reach the ranger station. From this point on, you'll need a Parks Pass in order to utilize the parking area. In my case, I walk in from the trail head located in the Albertson's plaza. You can be a cheapskate like me and walk in, but you're looking for the better part of a two-mile hike.

What kind of fish will you catch there? I haven't a clue. I haven't caught a fish in 40 years. In any case, other people do seem to catch fish and plenty of them. I wouldn't know a trout from a Great White Shark.

Last Saturday evening, just about sunset, there was precisely one person fishing at this spot. There are several places to park and fish, most withing a couple of hundred feet of the water. Restroom facilities are available at several locations around the lakes.

These lakes and the surrounding facilities are some of the best-kept secrets in the valley. Each lake features grills and tables. Put them to use. The time is right, so make plans to visit this next weekend.