Marijuana is, of course, legal in Colorado, but can you just light up anywhere?

There are limited places in Colorado where you are able to smoke marijuana, but in public, for the most part, is not one of them. For example, lighting a joint while driving in your car. Colorado law forbids smoking marijuana in public places or public spaces.

There are some "private membership" clubs opening in the state where it will be allowed. You could also book a night or two in a few hotels around the state that are"cannabis-friendly." As a rule, you cannot smoke in most hotels or motels. If you are staying in a hotel and you are unsure if it's allowed, asking at the front desk will provide your answer. Some hotels that do allow it only do so in designated rooms.

Public transportation is another area where the consumption of marijuana is forbidden and, in fact, anywhere in public, unless otherwise noted, is illegal, including concerts and sporting events.

Where CAN you smoke marijuana in Colorado?

Aside from the places already mentioned, which are slow opening, you can smoke in the safety and security of your own home, provided it's not outlined as forbidden in your lease. And, aside from the few places slowly opening around the state, that's it.

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