Love it or hate it, Colorado's population is growing at a pretty rapid rate (and I'm guessing growth is not going to slow down anytime soon).

We all joke about Colorado being the hot destination for all the Californians to move to, while some of us (unfortunately) argue there are more east coasters trading in their G.T.L. routines for W.B.H.G. (wake/bake, hike, & granola - because that's exactly what out-of-staters think all Coloradans do. Actually, that's pretty accurate for a lot of us.).

United States census data shows the Denver County population grew almost 14% from 2010 to 2015, reaching a population of 682,545, Denver7 reports. Of the people moving to that county alone, 64% are moving there from other counties in Colorado.

That leaves 36% of people moving from other states.

Sparefoot Moving Guides analyzed all the data out there to give us the breakdown of where exactly Colorado's transplants are moving from. Here's the list of the top places where transplants are coming from:

  1. Los Angeles County, California
  2. Cook County, Illinois (Chicago)
  3. Dallas County, Texas
  4. Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix)
  5. San Diego County, California
  6. Orange County, California
  7. Suffolk County, Massachusetts (Boston)
  8. El Paso County, Texas
  9. Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas)
  10. Multnomah County, Oregon (Portland)

So basically all the liberals from Texas (what's left of 'em, anyway), along with Californians, are moving to Colorado. Gotcha.

While this list was only for Denver County, it probably doesn't hurt to correlate it to Northern Colorado since it's not too far down the road. From personal experience, I've noticed there's a massive population of Minnesotans here in Northern Colorado (my dad being one of them). Particularly, a large group of University of Minnesota alumni (weird). Whenever I tell Minnesotans who moved to Colorado that I adore their home state, they always look at me strange and say, "WHY????? Colorado is so much better!" Yea well...I'm on to you. I know y'all don't have legal recreational marijoowanna, dontchaknow...

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