When was the last time you rounded up the troops and the puppies and made your way to Lands End Road? Lands End offers great outdoor fun, only minutes from Grand Junction.

For our purposes today, we're not talking about Lands End way up on the Grand Mesa. As you are no doubt aware, there is a whole bunch of "Lands End Road" out there. Much of the scenery is closer to town than you may think.

Set your course for Highway 50, just past Whitewater. Clearly Marked signs will direct you to turn North on Kannah Creek Road. From there, stay on the road for a few moments, and you'll see Lands End Road.

The hard part about visiting this particular trail on Lands End is making the distinction between private property and public land. There are public places to hike, but they are a little tricky to find.

Here is the poor man's guide to finding an excellent trail and stream on Lands End:

Once you're on Lands End Road, stay on it for a few miles - cattle guards will serve as our landmarks. You'll drive over two cattle guards, roughly a mile apart from one another. After the second cattle guard, you'll pass through an open gate. The gate it typically only closed under severe weather conditions when the road has not been plowed. Once you are through the gate, continue exactly 4/10 of a mile, and look to your left.

Lands End
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There is an unmarked road heading West off Lands End. Once you make the turn, there will an area to park immediately to the left.

From this point, you are only a few hundred feet from a very awesome stream that pets love. The water is crystal clear and nice and cold.

Word on the street is arrowheads abound in this area. Of course, being that we are all good citizens, we don't take the arrowheads from their indigenous area. What am I saying? Yes, we do.

Next chance you get, set aside about 30 minutes round trip travel time, a few bucks for some cold drinks, and make your way to the public areas on Lands End.

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