If you swing by the Burger King at 1st and White in Grand Junction, you'll see a land development application sign. What's happening? They aren't going to tear down the Burger King, are they?

Don't touch my Whopper! Several of the employees at the station love this location. We need it. It can't go away. I'm been visiting this location since my junior high days, and that was back in the mid-1980s.

Don't panic. It seems there is some good news. The Burger King at 233 N. 1st Street in Grand Junction will be undergoing a remodel. Upon speaking with the staff I learned the dining area will be remodeled and updated.

In addition to cosmetic upgrades, a second drive-thru lane will be added. Now that's cool. I've seen this particular drive-thru pretty busy at times.

Given the number of restaurants closing recently, Lois' Place and Los Reyes, I became deeply concerned about seeing this sign. This location is a landmark. Many people, including those that work at the nearby courthouse, rely on the convenience of this location.

The employees at this particular store have been there forever. Seriously, the same crew has been there for years. This is probably the only franchise I've been to where I know everybody's name.

I look forward to seeing the remodel. According to the staff, the remodel could be underway as early as next month.

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