It's amazing what you can stumble upon when you're browsing the internet late at night. One item I came across that I need to ask you about. Do you know what happened to the Fruita vampire?

Mysterious mentioned an incident around five years ago where a woman encountered a vampire on a dirt road. It caused her to overturn her SUV and according to reports no alcohol or drugs were involved.

Before you start thinking that I've decided to take up the same type of gardening as Dave from Disturbed, this incident was reported by KKCO and The Denver Post.

Here's my problem. Vampire lists Grand Junction as a "vampire friendly city." Little did I know that apparently I have moved my family right into the middle of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ville. What's the true story? Have you seen or are you a vampire? I need to know if I need to stock up on garlic.

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