What did Colorado Walmartians buy the most of in 2017? There's a question you don't get asked every day. As the year winds down, it seems this novelty was the best selling item in the state.

My guess would have been flip-flops. Where Coloradoans are concerned, a person could be walking through a field of cactus and rattlesnakes, or it can be snowing in the middle of winter, and flip-flops are still the year-round fashion choice for the state. In this case, however, it seems I'm wrong.

Wouldn't it be reasonable to believe common items like Dove bar soap, or Dawn dishwashing liquid, or perhaps something like Folger's Coffee or Brawny paper towels would be the #1 selling item?

According to Fox31, when it is all said and done, Colorado's #1 selling item at Walmart for 2017 is........

Peanut M&M's Walmart
Getty Images

Yes, Peanut M&M's. Not plain, but peanut.

I guess things could be worse. What about other states? Check out Montana, where the #1 selling Walmart item was Madden NFL video games. North Dakota's top seller was watermelon flavored gum. What's up with Alabama? Their best seller was crayons. Illinois' top seller comes as no surprise - erasers. I've spent quite a bit of time in Illinois, and if there's one thing they need in that state, it's erasers.

By far the weirdest state would be Hawaii. To be completely honest, I didn't even realize they had Walmarts in Hawaii. Apparently they do, and the best selling item for 2017 is a real shocker. Are you ready? The #1 selling item at Hawaiian Walmarts was..... Barbie farmer dolls.

Well, Colorado, we did good. Our #1 selling Walmart items wasn't too bizarre. Granted, Colorado is supposed to be the healthiest state in the nation, so it is a little awkward our best selling item is a candy. Then again, we've earned it.

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