A bear ransacked a campsite in Larimer County last night, but no one was killed. A man was injured as a result of the bear trampling the tent in which he slept, but it raises a serious question.

Why are bears attacking, and what can we do to prevent it?

Just last month, a five year old girl was attacked in Palisade because she heard noise outside of her house and thought it was her dog. Instead, it was a bear looking for food, and once he saw her, he tried to take her away. The bear was ultimately caught and dealt with, but why are the bears coming into towns and attacking people?


The bears are hungry, so they will go where the food is to eat, and that includes trashcans near homes and large dumpsters.

It also means when you are out camping, you cannot leave food out. The scent is what will bring the bears, and once they find the food, they will eat it.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department has excellent suggestions on what to do if a bear is spotted near your home or where you're camping.

Be smart when you're camping. Don't leave food sitting out. Not just camping, but picnics and parties as well. Be sure to pick up the food on the ground as well as table tops and everywhere else. Bears will sniff out food and go to great lengths to get at it, so make sure you're taking all of the precautions you can, and be sure to watch the videos from the Parks and Wildlife department.

They could save your life.


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