I love racking up points on my credit cards and right now I am just using one which I love my Venture Card. I never thought I would be one to use my points to buy things but a friend of mine was doing it and I thought what the heck. First time I applied for a credit card I got 50,000 points right off the bat. I love my points. I was new and very inexperienced at this points thing but I used them right away took a trip to San Diego and I think it cost me $14.00 so from there I was hooked.

After my trip to San Diego because of my bonus points for getting a credit card I decided to deduct all my bills from credit then just pay it off at the end of the month. I mean I use my card for my heating, water, trash, T.V, cell phone all my basic utilities.

How do you rack up points on your credit cards?

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