This is a true story. I went out to dinner with my boss he took me to Hooters.I do think it was more for him than me.

It was fine everyone was very nice. So, we order food I think I had a steak or something not quite sure but what I do remember is that he took his fork and started scratching his back. Yes, he did. I didn't say a word I thought is he really scratching his back with a fork or is this a bad dream. I let it go. So we order dessert and he decides we can share a piece of cake and asks for two forks. Mind you this is a new boss and I am new in town. By the way, it happened in another state I won't say where.

So here we are sharing a piece of cake and he takes his fork and dips on my side of the cake and swirls all the chocolate onto his fork. So his germs were now mixed where I was eating. I put down my fork and let him finish all the while he is smacking his lips and spitting while talking. It was so gross and funny at the same time. I can actually say I did experience this.

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