The Colorado Renaissance Festival draws hundreds of people to the small town of Larkspur during the summertime every year – but what happens to the recreated 16th-Century village and marketplace when the annual party is over?

When the costumed characters shutter their booths and pack up at the end of August, the once lively site transforms into a desolate destination.

The village itself is a permanent facility and does not get torn down. While I wish there was a more exciting answer, the truth is, the site sits empty when the medieval festival leaves town. As cool as many people might think it would be to host a party or wedding inside the village, officials from the town of Larkspur explained that the location cannot be rented out for private use during the festival's offseason.

Many of the vendors that return annually to the Renn Fest actually own their booths and are responsible for winterizing them when the multi-month affair is over.

In June, the villagers of Larkspurshire return to the mountain venue for the yearly tradition, getting ready for three months of magic ahead, before things once again, go dark.

Other towns' renaissance festivals have similar practices as Larkspur does for when the season is over, but according to a thread on Reddit, there are several cities that allow the space to be rented out to the public.

Check out some of the fun at last year's event.

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