Have you visited the drive-thru bakery at 7th and North next to Fiesta Guadalajara? Did you notice it has disappeared? Where did it go?

For our next magic trick, we'll make an elephant disappear. Not really. Where there was once a drive-thru bakery, there is now an empty lot. There is good news, though. Be Sweet Cafe and Bakeshop has not gone out of business, it has simply migrated.

The 7th and North location has sprouted wheels and made its way to a new Grand Junction location. You will soon be able to visit the baker in Sutherland's parking lot west of the Mesa Mall.

Upon noticing the drive-up location's absence, rather than panic, I felt it wise to contact the owners.

We moved it to the Sutherland’s parking lot at Mesa Mall ~ we’ll be able to open it back up next week. - Be Sweet Cafe and Bakeshop

This is excellent news. Granted, the 7th Street location is much closer to my workplace (assuming you can call this work). The Sutherland's location, though, offers a little more space.

As you are no doubt aware, there are two locations for Be Sweet. The drive-thru and the downtown location at 150 West Main in Grand Junction. The West Main location has a warm, inviting atmosphere and comfortable seating.

Please make a point to welcome Be Sweet to the new location next to Sutherland's. They'll be open before you know it.

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